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Dear North Korea

(Here’s another post by a friend who writes angelically on her blog:
The Other Side Of Ugly)

Dear North Koreans,

I believe as members of the human race you could not sincerely support the actions of your government, just as many of the “we the people” in America do not like what the American government does. In many ways it is easy to feel that ones hands are tied, and in many ways they are.

But this is not why I am writing.

I’m writing because I wanted to say I’m sorry.

I’m sincerely sorry because I can only imagine that the vast majority of you are very frightened right now. Certainly I would be.

But please remember that you are noble members of the HUMAN RACE and ultimately answer to a higher source than any that exists on earth.

The people of Earth may come in many colors, sizes and shapes but all are free even if told otherwise ~ even when your hands are tied behind your backs.

While governments may take action that ultimately jeopardize the human body of the those whom they rule over, I just want you to know that they can never rule over any human truly.

Only you can rule over the “I” that lives inside of the beautiful tent called the human body.

Each of you exist for a reason. Each of you have a purpose. Each of you are glorious in your own right. Each of you are made up of the very same essence as that of stardust, allowing you to shine bright regardless of your circumstances.

Shine bright dear Korean people, know that you are loved.

Know that humanity as a whole remembers you in their thoughts and desires peace for you as much as for themselves.

There is one whom I love very much who reminds me daily that miracles are unfolding right now. Today you are being entrusted with the call to be the light in this often dark world … and whether you see it or not dear human, that’s the beauty of being one of life’s living miracles…

The world cares about your circumstances … and the beings of the world hope … we hope and we wont stop.

One Behalf of Many

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