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…to get to the other side

I saw a frog in the street as I was getting in the car to drive my nephews to their little league game.

He stayed motionless for a moment, but then hopped a pathetic hop.

His back left leg looked a little mangled and it dragged on the asphalt as he attempted to move forward.

It broke my heart.

It broke my heart and I’ve been thinking about that little guy all day.

I wish I could have taken away his suffering.

I wish I could take away all suffering.

But penguins continue to freeze their little asses off, tigers eat baby dear, frogs hurt their legs on the backstreets of Long Island and sons lose their dads to brain cancer.

For now, this is how the universe is unfolding. And all we can do in its wake is alleviate suffering when we can, do our damndest not to add to suffering, and follow our passions profusely.

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