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I Met A Messenger Today

I saw an old man flying a kite today. He’s in the picture below.

He was alone but didn’t look lonely. I felt compelled to approach him.

“Such a perfect day to fly a kite,” I said.

Without making eye contact, he smiled and answered, “Yes. It is perfect.”

Was he waiting for me? Waiting for me to enter the scene so he could deliver his lines at the perfect time. It was like we were in a movie or an old book. An old book with a dusty cover, of which he was the author.

He tugged on the kite string with his right hand and slowly stretched his left arm to the sky. “Nature is beautiful. It’s all connected.”

His Middle Eastern accent added intrigue to the words.

He took a deliberate deep breath, gazed up into the heavens and added, “It’s precise.”

And then, as if choreographed, we simultaneously turned towards each other. He proceeded to point a wrinkled finger at me and said, “And you are precise as well.”

“Your heart, lungs, kidneys. All working in harmony. It’s a miracle. Life is a miracle.”

We talked for an hour. Actually, he talked and I listened. Not a word was wasted. Every sentence felt like it had the complete consent of the universe.

“I am no better than you and you are no better than me. We are equal. You are my brother.”

“God didn’t give you this life just to live it. But to live it well and to be kind to others.”

We shook hands and he concluded with, “I love what we both have learned from each other today.”

I told him how grateful I was for our chat, although I knew he already knew.

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