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Is Kim Kardashian’s Ass Too Big?

Life sucks.

Which seems silly to say as I sit here at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, listening to a beautiful Seu Jorge song, while watching roses gently sway in the backyard.

But my friend’s mom died this morning. Parkinson’s.

The doctors today told another friend of mine that her dad has one or two days left. Cancer.

As for me, my dad planted those roses – never knowing they’d outlive him.

Does this mean though that life sucks?

I don’t know.

Isn’t it dumb that we still get shocked when people die? You’d think, by now, we’d realize that it’s as natural as the sunrise. As soon as you’re born, your fate is sealed.

“OMG, do you believe that about Maya Angelou?”

Yes. Of course I believe it. You get old. You die. Next.

As Jim Morrison put it, “No one here gets out alive.”

I think it’s the suffering we’ll never get used to.

Loved ones crumbling with no dignity. It’s awful. It couldn’t be more awful.

But still, even that, until we cure all disease, is unfortunately natural.

So, what really sucks about life?

We do.

We suck.

We actually go out of our way to add suffering to ourselves and others.

Are we retarded?


We’ve all seen the writing one the wall, right?

How many more people must we see die until we realize that no one here gets out alive?

It’s time to evolve beyond survival of the fittest.

Kindness, not competition, needs to become our new religion.

And it starts with you.

Please be a bit more lighthearted with yourself. You deserve it. Please be more lighthearted with others. Even if they don’t.

But I know this is falling on deaf ears. I know no one cares until it’s too late.

It’s Kim’s ass. Obama’s birth certificate. The New York Rangers. Pressure from our family to be different.

But heads up everyone: the deathbed is our destiny.

So, I’ll stare at these roses as long as I can.

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