by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

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Only The Everyone Dies Too Young

There’s nothing more Long Island than driving on the Wantagh, with water and beach-grass on both sides, while listening to Billy Joel live at Shea.

I was singing along with Angry Young Man, and somewhere deep in my inflection, I heard my dad’s voice.

I heard it so clearly. I felt it so strongly.

Not in a spooky, poltergeist kinda way, but fresh like it was yesterday. He’d sing along with the radio, drum on the steering wheel, and always take the long way to the North Shore so he could see people fishing from their boats.

And there in the dark, alone on the parkway, I started sobbing.

I covered my mouth to muffle my gasps and cried. Hard.

My god, everything but love is so meaningless.

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