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Superman Meets The Catcher In The Rye

“It burns severely. Critically.

The pain is all encompassing. I have no idea how long it lasts and it lingers almost as ruthlessly after the sponges are removed.

It’s different from a fire burn. It feels more like being skinned alive. But instead of in pieces, it’s all at once. As if my flesh were a tablecloth being ripped free from an excruciatingly long table.

My eyelids are glued closed. Maybe a side effect of surviving an electrocution.

And now I’m feeling an emotion I haven’t experienced in almost two decades: fear.

Someone wants me to see something because thick fingers pry my eyes open, but all I see are bright lights beaming back at me, and then the sponges again.

This is where they make a mistake. They give me something which will certainly come back to haunt them.” – from my new fiction book: The Fifth Force – part 1 – Evil Approaches

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