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Our Own Worst Enemy


The love of money, and undeniably that’s all this comes to, has defeated the Love of Love.

For now. 

Regardless, all we can do is hope for the best. 
But, We. Get. What. We. Deserve – a womanizing elitist, who publicly mocks the handicapped, who used fear and lies (which any fifth grader with Google could fact check) to get elected illegally with the help of the Russians. 

I am truly heartbroken….

Another Sneak Peek Inside The Sequel To – Live Like A Fruit Fly

9/11/11 – Ten Years Later – chapter 29

The majority of your worries are meaningless.

Yes, I’m talking to you. If I could grab you by the shirt, slam you against the wall and scream it in your face, I swear I would.

The majority…

of your worries…


Wait, did I just drop an F-bomb? You bet your ass I did.

How can I be so callous? How dare I be so insensitive?

I know what you’re thinking, “Gabe, you have no idea what I’m going through. Summer camp was so expensive and I my husband just sits on the couch and…”

And I hear someone else saying, “I’m pretty sure my boss is looking to replace me and my gym membership is expiring soon and…”

Shut up. Just shut up for a minute. I’m sorry to be so rude but since you and I go back a long way, I can’t allow you to lose so much perspective. To be honest, you sound pretty silly.

It’s only been ten years. Have you already forgotten?

Please step into my DeLorean. The flux-capacitor is fully charged and we just need to get this baby up to 88 mph.

(Lights flash, flaming tire marks)

It’s the morning of September 12th, 2001. You barely slept because you were watching the news all night. Your eyes burn from crying. The world is in chaos.

Maybe your daughter is dead. Or maybe it was a guy you went to high school with. Maybe you neighbor’s dad was on vacation but every member of his firehouse was crushed to death when Tower 2 collapsed.

You literally don’t have space in your brain to worry about what was plaguing you on September 9th. I know you’d trade this horror for the “problems” from a few days ago. You’d definitely be dealing with less regrets than you’re dealing with now. Maybe you just be a little bit nicer. A little bit more forgiving. A little bit more generous with your time.

And I have feeling the people who were murdered yesterday wouldn’t have taken their day-to-day so seriously if the knew how things were going to unfold.

(Lights flash, flaming tire marks)

Hey McFly, we’re back to the present. It’s September 11th, 2011. Hopefully this day will turn out to be just like it was yesterday and just like it will be tomorrow. Relatively uneventfully.

Did your new flat screen TV just break? Are you kids driving you nuts? Is your boyfriend a selfish idiot? Suck it up and go out there and live your life abundantly. Why? Because you have the opportunity to and Morty Frank, a good guy I went to high school with, doesn’t. He perished at the World Trade Center shortly after arriving to work that day.

Don’t be so selfish. Don’t be so greedy. Don’t be so angry. Don’t hold back your love. If you want to volunteer at an animal shelter and you actually have the time to, shut off the TV and make it happen.

Maybe your life has sucked up until this moment. Well, join the club. But there’s still time left to make your life extraordinary.

Did you ever think in a million years that 9/11 would happen? Then what the hell are you waiting for?

You don’t owe it to Morty Frank and you don’t owe it to the starving kids in Africa. You owe it to yourself.

Live like a fruit fly.


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