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Not that you asked, but here’s the best part of my Halloween tonight…

I little boy came up to the house dressed like a Ninja and I excitedly asked him, “Wait, are you a ninja??”

With cute pride, he said yes.

Since I’m such a pushover for innocence, I told him to take as much candy as he can hold.

He said, “I only want two lollipops,” and his little warrior hands dug through the candy basket I set up in front of the house.

He thanked me politely and before he had a chance to scurry away I softly said, “Hey man, thank you for being sooo nice. I really appreciate it.”

I saw him smile through his mask and he turned to leave.

But he only made it a few steps away before he whipped around quickly (as any good ninja would) and with gusto said, “Thank YOU for being so nice.”

And then his parents thanked me from the street.

Ahhh life. You throw many curveballs but sometimes the pitches come straight down the middle and I appreciate it with all of my everythingness.

And with that said, here’s a photo of my sister’s dog from tonight:

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