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We The People (of love)

To see trump’s three Supreme Court justices today makes me so physically sick. They are a malignant stain on our county. Slow burning cancerous tumors grown from greed, racism, anti-semitism, white supremacy and anti-intellectualism.

And I know I will be judged for saying this, accused once again for being unloving and for being a phony spiritual leader, but I truly hate them. Hate.

And whoever judges me for this can go fuck themselves. You’re a joke to me.

With that, I also hate every single person who enabled this. Everyone single person who voted for trump either time. Everyone who voted for any republican in the last four years (and that’s being gracious). My hate for them is violent and volcanic.

Why am I taking the time to write this when we are such a great moment? The moment when Good prevails over Evil?

To let you know that it’s okay to feel these feelings. To let you know that it’s okay to sidestep anyone who tries to shame you for feeling this way.

We feel this way because we are repelled by injustice. We feel this way because our hearts hurt from the last four years and for what we almost lost.

Friends, I am also writing this to tell you, and to remind myself, that although I hate them, thoroughly, I know it wasn’t their fault.

Unfortunately and fortunately, each of us are doing the best we can in every moment.

And I am just so grateful to be lucky enough to not be like them. I am so lucky and grateful to be fueled by kindness. To be fueled by the fact that we are all connected. So grateful to see myself and the divine in all graced with life.

And I am so grateful that you are lucky enough to be so similar. And we are here together, literally, right now.

We are love. And sometimes love is tough.

But love heals.

Thank you, sincerely, for being with me for the last four years…


P.S. I was just on my knees, crying, when Biden was sworn in.

I Had A Nightmare

Now that MLK Day has come and gone this year, I’ll take this moment to tell you exactly what’s going on in this country in the simplest of terms:

They dragged black people here against their will and now hate them for being here.

This is the mindset of most, if not all republicans.

Good luck trying to prove me wrong.

– gb

“ Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

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