by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

This Might Be Exactly What You Needed To Hear Today

My dad died eight years ago today but trust me when I tell you that I’m sure as hell not posting about it to get attention on social media.

I’m posting it so YOU pay attention.

To those who love you.

Because in an instant it can all change.

And then all you’ll be left with, but only if you’re extraordinary lucky, are voicemails you’ve saved from them. Voicemails you allow yourself to listen to only few times a year. Often through tears.

Please take this to heart,

– gb

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5 thoughts on “This Might Be Exactly What You Needed To Hear Today

  1. So very true. It’s nice to hear the voice of a loved one , and also to look at photos of them . Love and be kind .

  2. Especially when they are no more , it’s nice to hear there voice. Love.

  3. Very true! I am sorry for your loss. I thank you for the reminder that no one knows the hour or time when breath will be no more. My mother is facing dementia everyday and pains me to see a once such hardworking and vibrant woman go through and furthermore that woman is my mommy.

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