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Read This ASAP (please)

I turn 48 today.

And earlier, while wallowing in the stink of my almost five decades that crept up on me like some sort of time jumping DeLorean ninja in the night, I unexpectedly heard my dad’s voice in my head. Saying what he always said when any of us complained about getting older on our birthdays.

“It’s better than the alternative.”

Just about the truest goddamn words ever. Because he’s been gone for more than a few years already, taken from this world horribly and too early, and I miss him terribly.

With that though, I must admit underneath my silly pity party, I fully know what a gift and privilege it is to simply be alive and healthy.

Alive and healthy with all of my needs taken care of for today.

And I think the best way to honor my ancestors who really toughed it out for me to get here would be to abide in gratefulness. Gratefulness for being alive and healthy with all of my needs taken care of, thankfully, for today.

I’ll do just that for the rest of this precious day to honor them and to honor myself because tomorrow sure is shit isn’t promised. Not to anyone.

So, to all of you reading this (and to everyone who isn’t) I’m sending love your way in this moment. And of course breathing with you as we speak.



P.S. I know sometimes, regardless of how old we get, we find ourselves still waiting for our lives to start. Wondering and worrying if they will ever before it’s too late. But I swear to god, if kindness is your set point, you’re already enough. More than enough. And if it isn’t your set point, you can easily start today. I promise you can. It’s who you’re intended to be. Just look inside yourself beneath the surface. You’ll find it. I promise. Peace.

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