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Right Through My Damn Phone

If you’re scared and/or lonely tonight, I understand completely. And I’m with you.

It’s tough to be in these bodies of ours sometimes. Especially now.

So, please don’t judge yourself too harshly. Or allow the judgment of others to get to you to deeply. And please let go of the comparisons you might make between yourself and the facade of perfection, joyousness, and having-their-shit-together you’ll see so often with people on social media.

Just be authentic. And be kind to yourself. And to others. We’re going to get through this. And with that said, I’m giving you a hug through my phone right now.

Whoever you are, without exception.

Live Like A Fruit Fly

We Don’t Need To Ask For Directions

You Are Me And I Am You

I got so sad on a walk earlier.

I ambled through an upscale neighborhood and I saw a Haitian gardener in his late 50’s walking back to his truck.

I said hi and waved because that’s what I do when I see anyone. Always.

He looked at me, wiped the sweat from his face with his shirt and said, “Hello sir.”


An automatic response. A reflex.

And it broke my heart.

I wanted, so badly, to ask him to take off his boot, remove his sweaty sock, and allow me to kiss his foot.

To make sure he knew we are equal. And how much I appreciate his kindness. And how much I appreciate his existence.

But all I could do is smile and say, “Have a good day.”

And he smiled back.

You May Say I’m A Dreamer

I haven’t had Rice Krispies since like… I don’t know when.

But I’m not going to worry about carbs or anything else silly today.

Because I’m really just so grateful to have food, a roof over my head and not to be on a ventilator.

Imagine how simple and peaceful our lives would have been if this is how we judged ourselves and others before the outbreak?

Maybe we can allow this time to realize a true lesson about life (and love) and we’ll able to abide more like this after the dust settles.


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