by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

Today’s Coronavirus Thoughts

Two butterflies are ballet dancing just above my front lawn while I’m sitting outside having coffee.

Spontaneously and simultaneously choreographed by the great string puller in the sky.

They separate and find each other. Separate and find each other. Separate and find each other.

Butterfly kissing the way young lovers do.

Seemingly without any knowledge of what we humans are going through and might be facing.

But maybe they’re dancing so gleefully today because they’re waiting to get their planet back from us. Since, obviously, we can’t be trusted with it.

But hopefully, after the dust settles and the virus disappears, we’ll finally learn to live more harmoniously with our brothers and sisters.

Regardless of species.

“Make sure the only thing you leave behind are your footprints.” – Dave Matthews


– gb

P.S – Please don’t allow social media to fear-shame you. These are authentically scary times. But with that, please keep a little space open for faith. We’re going to be okay. Love to you all.

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