by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

Burn The Feel

It’s official, I’ve encountered people more lopsided than trump supporters.

Bernie supporters who won’t vote blue if their precious candidate loses.

They think they’ll teach us a lesson.

I have some news for you, you fucking children, if we lose this election, it might be the last free one. Ever. They’ll be no one left of consequence to learn lessons.


Trump, that awful phony Christian demon, was elected directly by non-voters.

And if he gets “elected” again, the people who traded their lives to protect us and our constitution, the hundreds of thousands throughout history, will have died in vain.

Their graves shitted upon.

Please put country over candidate.


I know you’re good people who want us to do better as a nation. But we can have our revolution after. After we win back our country.

Bernie or Biden. Please hold your nose and choose one.

They both, rather courageously, care about the least among us. Just in slightly different ways.


Thank you.

I love you.

– gb

P.S. I’m sorry to be so hardcore but lives are literally at stake here. Kids are dying in cages. The environment is eroding. Millions will lose health care.

This is the most important thing any of us will ever do.

We must be saved. And we can only save ourselves.

So when I say I’m sorry, I’m mean – not at all.

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