by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

Life After Kobe Bryant

Do you know what happened to me right after I found out about Kobe yesterday?


Just like you, my life clicked right back to normal within five minutes.

I’m a lifelong Laker fan, and this is absolutely awful about him and his daughter (and surviving family), but the status-quo re-reigned over my mind in mere minutes. Worrying about whatever I was worrying about etc etc.

But imagine if we remained aware, more often than not, that our lives and the lives of our loved ones can be stomped out of existence before the next goddamn sunset?

Because the hard truth is, we’re always just right around the corner from losing everything. Everything that’s truly important. Everything that actually counts.

Do you think we’d be more forgiving? More automatically and unconditionally loving? Do you think we’d ignore the nonsense of the world in order to turn our attention to what’s beautiful and add to that beauty when we can?

Of course we would.

In my own defense however, I’m already pretty good with this.

But I’m going to start being better.

Right here.

Right now.

Who’s with me?

Live Like A Fruit Fly,

– gabe

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