by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

The Day After (The Election)

Love prevails.

At least for me, love prevails.

Because I will die with love in my heart.

Love in my heart for innocent life.

Love in my heart for those who put love first.
And love in my heart for the pure essence which all people are born with before being corrupted by hate and greed and fear.

Love prevails.

Love prevails.

Love prevails.

You can take away my health insurance. You can deport me. You can intervene with my reproductive rights. You can kill the environment. You can put the interest of big business before the well being of powerless people. You can treat animals abominably in slaughterhouses. You can alienate the global community. You can make the rich richer and the poor poorer. You can persecute me because of my skin color, gender and sexual orientation. You can destroy this country which hundreds of thousands of people died to defend.

You can cart me away to a concentration camp and force me to die in a gas chamber.

But I will die with love in my heart.

You can’t beat me.

I will never lose.

I am the representation of perfect, divine love.

And it’s never too late to join me.

Today I am heartbroken, but remain indestructible.

– gabe berman


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4 thoughts on “The Day After (The Election)

  1. But never again concentration camps, please.

  2. jess skinner on said:

    Gabe, while i appreciate your sentiment and your writing is beautifully written, i must beg to differ with your silent acceptance of such horrific atrocities against Humanity, EVER AGAIN!!

    i believe, wholeheartedly, that LOVE eternally prevails, and in all ways LOVE is victorious; however, it is NOT OKAY and you do Love a great disservice to accept any of the abovementioned scenarios SILENTLY!!

    how fine and just dandy for *You* that *Your* whole heaping amount of *Your* individual well being and *Your* portion of love fills *Your* heart and it will carry *You* and *Your* neighbors filled with *Your* own deep portions of *Your* Divine Love away to DIE in peace and martyred tranquility. sadly, i think you are missing the ACTION part of Love, Gabe.

    there is a reason Hitler was able to succeed. it is precisely because of the quiet, meaningless, inactions you so highly praise. very early on, nobody imagined that HATE would become such a great and powerful force, nor that LOVE could lose so mightily to HATE and end so many lives of LOVE. and if we ever allow such a holocaust to occur, again, anywhere on this planet, then WE have failed at the action of Love and we do not understand its application, nor what it means TO LOVE Thy Neighbor.

    when we remain SILENT,
    when we allow hate to divide us and turn us inward,
    we are giving hate strength.

    when we REMAIN silent,
    we are telling the hate mongers to wake their monster.
    we begin feeding the hidden and lurking Beast.

    when WE remain silent,
    the constructs of a noble society becomes the feast,
    civility and hope the utensils to partake of us, as Hate washes down
    the blood of the innocent and Divinely Loved with the goblet of cognitive dissonance~~ or Love made deaf, dumb, and blind.

    YES, Love is always the Victor. yet, LOVE is not designed to work alone,
    or to sit idly introspective. Love requires Togetherness and Love demands to be Heard, and in such perilous times as these?

    we must BE Love.

    demonstrative, loud, unrelenting, courageous, overflowing, unrepentant, and when hate first begins to rear its ugly head?

    we must BE the kind of Love for each other and ourselves that will SQUASH Hate in all its forms and functions and false fortitudes. truly, Love is more than what ya feel in your heart of hearts, though that is where it begins, and i have a feeling we are gonna need to take LOVE to a higher level before the results of this Election finish unfolding.

    ~~ jess skinner

    • Jess – first, thank you.

      Secondly – I know you’re angry, but you misinterpreted me.

      When it’s time to, and I know there’s no other option, I am the first to stand up and fight.

      My love is the toughest. And sometimes the most vicious.

      I assure you we are EXACTLY on the same side and see this EXACTLY eye to eye.

      – gb

      • jess skinner on said:

        Beautiful!! I knew WE were on the same page. I am a writer, of sorts, and I do appreciate your eloquence. Thank you for sharing your words and your Love. WE ARE GONNA NEED LOVE IN ALL ITS FACETS to get thru this. Angry? Perhaps. Shocked and dismayed that in this Nation, in the 21St Century, that so much visceral hate could have a voice and a person willing to carry THAT deplorable banner? INDEED!!

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