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I See Me In You

“Before I was born, before my parents were born, before the Earth cooled, and light years even before that, I already existed. For I am only consciousness. Perfect, pure, timeless, boundless consciousness. As are you. Because I am you. And you are me. We are one. And we are all there ever was and will ever be.” – gb


Askew! God Bless You

I didn’t think I was straight for awhile, but it turns out I totally was the whole time.

(I love, I mean I really love, all of the gay thoughts you’re having about me right now. I meant – if my body was straight or crooked while stretching in the gym this morning.)

So, in the gym this morning, right before I gave this Chinese guy a handjob…wait, what?

No, seriously this time. I was stretching on the floor this morning at the gym and I kept on trying to adjust myself (stop!) because I kept feeling that my whole body was on an angle.

I finally realized however, it was the mirror on the wall which was crooked. Actually, it was the wall the mirror hung (holy shit, stop already) from.

Not me.

And I kept on trying to correct myself.

What a perfect example of this life of ours. Society keeps telling us that we need to conform and get in line if we, as Thoreau has said, hear a different drummer.

But let me remind you my dear friends, sometimes it’s society that has the problem. Not us.

We’re conditioned to tie ourselves into pretzels to appease the world, but if we don’t heed our hearts, we’re doomed.

Follow your heart.

Follow love.

Follow kindness and compassion.

Follow your passions.

– gabe –

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