by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

Skin Deep And Deeper

Being beautiful can make you famous and being famous can make you beautiful.

It’s the latter I have a problem with.

Well, not really a problem, but it’s something I think about and it registers as a bit unfair and even unjust with me.

Walk into any Chipolte on any given day, and you’ll see at least five guys or girls who, if were famous, people would lose their fucking minds over.

Lose their minds, not only because they’re famous, but also because they’ll think these guys or girls are beautiful.

Why do I have/not-have a problem with this? Because goddammit, they’re already beautiful. And already should be inflicting onlookers with awe. But they’re totally overlooked and just blending in with the burritos.

Do you know what I’m saying?

Stick these chicks in the ridiculously redundant Divergent sequel and then, like clockwork, you’ll see them on the covers of Glamour and Cosmo. Everyone will want to be them or be with them. But now they’re nothing.

And that just sucks.

See what I mean?

Okay, let me put it this way: look at the picture of these two chicks I sneakily took. If you showed them to one hundred people, most would say they’re average looking. But shove them in some lame TV show, smear a little makeup on, somehow erase the memory of the hundred people so they don’t remember seeing the initial picture, and I bet ya everyone goes gloryhole gaga over them.

When I see someone, I try to remember to also see their inner essence. And as long as they don’t ruin it as soon as they open their mouth, I see them as being better looking than than most people do.

Why isn’t inner essence vision more commonplace? Because it will throw a wrench into the system. The system is set up to keep us separated and in competition. If we were taught to see beyond outer appearances, we’d end up seeing ourselves in everyone and in everything. And the powers that be can’t have that. Because the powers that be would soon be out of power.

Thank God for you and I.



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6 thoughts on “Skin Deep And Deeper

  1. kathleenbotsford on said:

    Maybe it’s because I am older, I won’t say wiser but at least older. I see everyone
    for exactly what they are most of the time. Beautiful children of God. I don’t let “society” or the media ruin that for me. AND I don’t think most of us would be very
    comfortable with all the scrutiny and hoopla that accompanies being famous. Everything is just as it should be. We are all beautiful and we do not have to play the game.

  2. actually, everyone matters! So let me rephrase that….. We will be famous to those who appreciate us!

  3. heather on said:

    That was kinda fabulous.

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