by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

Returning To The Lion’s Den

The elevator doors opened on the eighth floor of the NYU Medical Center – the Labor & Delivery floor.

People were hugging. Shaking hands. Wiping away happy tears. A brand new baby was brought into this world of ours.

Like a hummingbird sucking the nectar from a flower in full bloom, I absorbed as much of this lovely snapshot as I could before the doors closed and we continued our descent to the lobby.

I breathed and smiled.

It was exactly what I needed.


A minute before, I was deep inside my reoccurring nightmare of the twelfth floor.

It’s where my dad almost died three years ago in an acute care unit (before he actually died a few months later).

My friend is recovering from surgery, quite beautifully, in the adjacent room and I trekked into the city for a visit.

I hope that perfect new baby never has to see what I saw. Or feel what I still feel.

I wish, just about more thank anything, the same for you.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…

love and gratitude,


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3 thoughts on “Returning To The Lion’s Den

  1. One of the many spiritual practices of being a parent is letting go of outcomes. Knowing there is really nothing we can do to protect our children from pain and heart break and also knowing that this is all part of life, part of growing up and growing strong. Part of their soul’s evolution and journey; a journey we as parents have nothing at all to do with. We can stand by and love them, that is about it. But my heart knows exactly of what you speak. Blessings to you Gabe.

  2. Let us hope that those who feel what you feel know too that it will never go away. It can’t. So one must learn to sit with it. To meet with it in the field and accept it. We don’t all have the same traumas but we do all have pain. It’s ok to feel the pain. I’m just so glad you don’t let it rule you, but rather let it have its place in your growth and authenticity. Thanks for being a blessing to me Gabe. Love, Sheri

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