by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

Unbelievable. Literally.

“Hey Gabe, just wanted to say hello. We’re at the beach. Beautiful day today. Miss you. Speak to me. Bye.”

I have this voicemail saved on my phone. It’s from my dad.

I listened to it again last night and I swear I still catch myself having that reflex reaction to call him right back.

He’d say something like, “You haven’t called us in awhile.”

And I’d get all defensive and say, “What are you taking about? We spoke like, three hours ago!”

Half joking around and half serious he’d respond, “As I’ve said, it’s been awhile.”

He left his body two years ago today.

Tomorrow, I’ll go back to living as lightheartedly as I can.

It’s the only path that makes any sense anymore.



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3 thoughts on “Unbelievable. Literally.

  1. April Hurley on said:

    Gabe, I am so sorry for your lost. Loosing someone you love is always so difficult, and time can only heal so much. Wishing you the best and missing you dearly.

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