by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

One Foot After The Other

My dad died two Decembers ago.

And I moved back home eleven months before that to be with him while he was sick.

I’m often asked variations of, “So what are you doing with yourself now?”

I used to say, “I’m writing a little. Thinking about starting a new book maybe.”

But that question is mostly asked by people who don’t read my books.

And that’s just about everybody.

Close friends and family included.

And I know not to say, “Well, today I kicked over the sharp edged shells while walking on the beach so little kids or joggers don’t hurt their feet on them.”

Although it is, in fact, what I did today, no one would register with that response and it would only lead to more questions I couldn’t or wouldn’t answer satisfactorily.

So, when I was asked earlier I simply said, “I’m just existing for now. We’ll see what happens next.”

The woman took a contemplative sip of her drink and said, “I wish I could just exist for awhile too.”

And now that I’ve added the previous 174 words to the world while sitting on these rocks, everything seems to have clicked back in place and my mind is once again at ease.

Thank you.


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3 thoughts on “One Foot After The Other

  1. virginia urbach on said:

    Gabe, surviving one day at a time, if that’s what is happening in your life, let it then be. My sister, who died in 1997, used this expression practically every day while hooked up to oxygen and yet she never showed us that she was in pain and felt helpless and hopeless. It was always, “one day at a time.” Keep the faith, friend and hang in there, one day at a time.

  2. Adrianne Gentile on said:

    Existing is good and look at what you accomplished today! How many “Ouchies” did you prevent? You’re a good man.

  3. I too love existing. That’s enough. Everything else, and I mean everything … is just a beautiful bonus. So much kindness I wish for you. Love, Sheri

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