by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

Byron Katie = The Buddha

“No one knows what’s good and what’s bad. No one knows what death is. Maybe it’s not a something; maybe it’s not even a nothing. It’s the pure unknown, and I love that. We imagine that death is a state of being or a state of nothingness, and we frighten ourselves with our own concepts. I’m a lover of what is: I love sickness and health, coming and going, life and death. I see life and death as equal. Reality is good; so death must be good, whatever it is, if it’s anything at all.” – Byron Katie – from her book: A Thousand Names For Joy

You see, Buddha wasn’t a name. It isn’t a name. It’s a state of being.

It’s the state of being awake. And I assure you, it’s your birthright.

You = The Buddha (underneath your thoughts and what your body is feeling).




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