by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

12/11/12 3:15am

The universe swallowed him a year ago.
It swallowed me too.
But I still have my breath.
And my hope.


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5 thoughts on “12/11/12 3:15am

  1. Swallowed who? Even you? I hope this was a good thing …

  2. Kelly Loggan on said:

    Gabe, I’m thinking of you on this One year Anniversary of your Papa’s passing. I remember, last year, being my “one year” from my Mom’s passing on 11-29-12, and now it’s been 2 on 11-29-13. Just know, there’s someone “out here” who knows what that might be like! Much love to you and a Big Hug Surrounding You, Right NOW!!! Thinking of you and your Dad, and this special anniversary of one year! It’s big. I know. Your friend, Kelly

  3. A giant hug for you my friend as I can honestly say I know exactly how you feel. He is with you now and forever and you will see him again.

  4. Gabe. I understand. I deeply respect this….more than you know….

  5. I was thinking of you both yesterday and sending love across the ethers. I see him holding you right now, just like in this picture. You are a bit older and he has his wings. I hope you can feel his embrace. Look for him in your dreams. Love. xo

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