by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

A Letter To Why-We’re-Totally-Fucked

Dear WWTF,

After watching an episode of Deadliest Catch, I completely understand you now.

One of the deckhands just looked right into the camera and jubilantly squealed, “Money money money money MONEY!”

Moments before, he slammed crabs against a metal chute and stepped all over them with no regard. As if they were plastic, lifeless toys for children. As if they weren’t God’s creatures.

And this is just one snapshot that can be extrapolated out to most of humanity.

We care about one thing. And that’s ourselves.

But here’s what’s funny: we then have the gall to question why horrible things happen to us.

Isn’t it obvious? If we have no regard for life, life will have no regard for us. It’s very simple.

Your karmic brother,


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9 thoughts on “A Letter To Why-We’re-Totally-Fucked

  1. Vivian Coleman on said:

    So true, Gabe, but these people are merely trying to make a living. It is what they know. They must support themselves, their families. I do understand what you are saying, but you must realize that it is different for others. I am like you and do not want to hurt or disregard any living creature, however, I do respect what others may deem as a necessity in order to provide. We are not all as awesome as you…having written a wonderful book “Live Like a Fruit Fly.” That was your necessity to provide this awesome book to guide us along in your truths…which I might add are wonderfully witty and insightful. It takes all kinds to make up this wonderful world we abide in. Every person doing their best just to get by…and then on to another day of the same. So please keep lightening our burden with the awesomeness of you! 🙂

    • Ellis Vest on said:

      A crab will pick your bones and eat you. I personally dont like crab meat. They can stay in the bottom of the Ocean with the sharks and killer whales and other creatures that will eat a human if we get in the way. If the shoe was on the other foot they would eat us. I dont like crabs.

  2. Sure, everybody has to make a living, and everybody has to eat, but how can we be so callous as to show so little reverence for what we reap. I’m not sure trapping crabs is animal cruelty. Crabs probably aren’t sentient beings that understand their fate, but we humans should know better our place in the scheme of things.

    We are stewards here, granted the gift of power over lesser creatures. Certainly we could show some respect or simple gratitude for the abundance we take for granted, and maybe not view the earth and its other inhabitants as ours for the taking.

  3. Thou shall have no other Gods before me! What do people think the love of money is?? The Ten Commandments are just that!

  4. Amen! Love this!! To anyone that says any animal is not a sentient being needs to know this basic innate truth: 1- All creatures are aware of their surroundings and how to survive in those surroundings. 2 – All creatures have a desire to live and fear pain and death. There is a thing in psychology that applies to the animal kingdom called “fight or flight”. It is what all living creatures go through when they fear for their lives. Crabs most certainly are aware of their situation, as are lobsters, dairy cows, pigs and any other animal about to die. We are a selfish abhorent species. We are a parasitic infection of the planet, destroying our host for pieces of paper (money). We are all Earthlings. More people need to watch the documentary “Earthlings”.

  5. Debbie on said:

    Hmmmm…so I’m guessing you don’t eat crab or any other type of seafood or beef or poultry or pork. They have to come from someplace and one guy on a TV show, working in an extremely dangerous job to earn money to survive, doesn’t mean the whole of humanity is “Totally Effed”. Of course, that’s just my personal opinion. I prefer to think we’re not doomed due the actions of a minority. Peace.

    • I’d be a hypocrite if wasn’t a vegetarian. And I’m certainly not a hypocrite.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

      Is it “wasn’t” or “weren’t”? Hmmm…don’t tell my editor

    • I am an environmentalist. I have always cared about the environment and global warming. Animal agriculture is the greatest contributor to greenhouse gasses and because of global warming, I am a vegan. I do not eat any animal products, nor do I wear animal products or use items tested on animals. There are 7 billion people on the planet. We produce enough grain globally to feed 10 billion people and yet the majority of that grain is given to cattle and 1 billion people on this planet are dying from starvation. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to make one pound of beef. It takes 90 gallons of water to make 10 pounds of grain. The United Nations issued a report stating that if we eliminated animal agriculture alone, we would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% and we could keep all forms of transportation and we would save this planet from ruin. Going into the animal cruelty part of it….even the egg industry is deplorable. Grinding up baby male chicks in a grinder while they are alive because they have no monetary value. The dairy industry is also the veal industry and calves are torn from their mothers within a day of birth, the females sent to live like their mothers, the males sent to live a month or two in a crate so small they cannot move. All the while, the mothers and babies crying for each other. Those men that risk their lives to fish crabs from the ocean could work in plant agriculture and profit just as nicely. At the current rate of ocean commercial fishing, our oceans will be entirely depleted by the year 2048 and maybe sooner. If our oceans die, we die. Take 10 minutes and watch this, one of the most amazing speeches I have ever seen. Sorry for the rant. I respect the opinions of those that believe these things are necessary, unfortunately it breaks my heart because I know that the Earth we are passing to our children is an Earth that will NOT survive for more than a few generations unless there are DRASTIC changes and driving ecofriendly cars, reducing dependence on oil and switching to different light bulbs is not enough to make the slightest dent to the damage we have done and continue to do. Gabe is right, if things continue as they are, we are f*cked. Seriously, irreversibly, irreparably f*cked. Peace.

  6. Does anyone know, for certain, how a tomato feels when it’s torn from its vine?

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