by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

A Letter To My Almost Lover

(I made the near fatal mistake of asking Loren Kleinman to guest blog here on OMGabe and she was kind enough to whip something up. Why a mistake? Because her work proves that I have no business writing at all. She’s so talented I can’t take it.)

Dear My Almost Lover,

I want to tell you that in those long spaces between the moments that we live our lives that your heart breaks into thousands of small kisses all over my body—crumbled over a thousand miles of love.

In the night I listen to the sound of your (almost) breath. In the night I listen to the sounds of your laugh. I want you. I want your body soaked in love on top of mine. I want to ride upon you like water rides on your back when you are in the shower alone, crying, and scared of all the small reminders of your life. Let’s not wait anymore. I am here in the slow moving distracted mind of your hands.

Oh what a day. It is all about believing. Even in the darkest seconds of your reality—it is all about believing. All is well. Don’t worry. I will wait. I will keep the world on ice. I will wait to walk my mouth between your thighs. I will wait for the air to be still and silent. It is all about believing. Again. It is all about believing you are deserving of love—there is no right time.

When I left the bar last night I imagined you were waiting for me at home. I began to walk faster and faster to my car. I pulled into the driveway and ran up the stairs. I pushed open the door and ran to the couch where you were sitting. I kissed you. We made love and I fell asleep in the bend of your body.

Oh what a day.

Even landings can be sweet.

I wanted to tell you that I feel you in my slow awakening. I thought of you moving against me, barely sleeping holding onto the last lastness of your deep emotional shit. And words spin around you (they just don’t mean much).

I didn’t want to tell you that I watch the “stars moving outside my windowsill, and I was standing still” as The Weepies sing The World Spins Madly On.

The world spins madly—despite all the seeds you leave along the way. Despite all the ways you talk about talking. The world spins on and on. It will bring you back to the place where you started. The way it was as before.

Where do we go from here?

Too many questions.

So, hurry up and love me.

In the open road of our heart, in the shotgun of our suicide, we will work out our differences, all our insecurities. We will become visitors to our own images,
and we will be sick and vomit up the dead hearts in our veins, and forgive each other. We will be reborn in the bend of each other’s hands and we will be fertile and new, and there will be nothing left to talk about but love.


Loren Kleinman (LK) is the owner and founder of LK Editorial ( We are a team of copywriters, web content writers, marketing and corporate copywriters, resume writers, book and dissertation editors, video editors and social media strategists. We believe that collaboration is where the good stuff happens. We can assist you with copyediting, promotional copywriting, ghostwriting, proofreading, social media strategy, book trailers and more.

(On second thought, I’ll keep writing. “If you hear a voice inside you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent van Gogh)

“In Live Like a Fruit Fly, Gabe Berman shares his recipe for living a more joyful,worthwhile, and abundant life in every way. A witty, entertaining, and insightful read.” ~Deepak Chopra

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4 thoughts on “A Letter To My Almost Lover

  1. Great to read your creative writing, Loren!

  2. Thank you Eden! I really appreciate your support. Means so much to me. xoxo

  3. Breath taking…..ahhhhh. I’m back to a normal state. Loren that was wonderful.

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