by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

A Letter To Those ASPCA Commercials


Are you trying to fucking kill me?


Well, those sad puppies and beaten kittens in your commercials literally drain my soul of its life energy. Somehow they make me feel so goddamn guilty even though I ACTUALLY DONATE MONEY TO YOU EVERY MONTH (after seeing one of your commercials years ago)!

Can’t we work out some kind of deal? How about if a person donates, you somehow TiVo your commercials out of our lives. Because honestly, I’m sad enough sometimes and certainly don’t need more help from the likes of you.

Ohhhh, you want me to donate more?

Okay, how about this – you catch the sick subhumans who hurt God’s innocent creatures and simply give me an hour with each one of them. You do this for me, and I’ll give you every penny I got from here on in.

I wish justice was mine,

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14 thoughts on “A Letter To Those ASPCA Commercials

  1. Gabe, Gabe, Gabe…. (smh) when are you gonna learn?
    Violence begets violence.

    The only way to get people (they’re not subhumans, they’re God’s creatures too) to stop being cruel is with love. (I know you don’t want to hear that, but it’s true.)

    When we stop being cruel to each other, we will stop being cruel to animals.

    Until then I give each child I meet my undivided attention because every sociopath was once an ignored or cruelly treated child.

    As for me, I can’t handle those commercials either…and the music they play… that angel song… breaks my heart. I turn the channel. And as far as ASPCA is preventing cruelty, I say they fail miserably. All they do is pick up the pieces.

    Feeling your pain,

  2. Jermito on said:

    Better yet pull the scene out of the movie Powder on them….where he grabs the arm of the guy who shot the deer and lets him feel every last second of what that deer felt….it changed him forever….

  3. I agree with Jayne – yet feel your pain. I recently had to school some teenagers on why it’s not ok to through enormous rocks at Geese because they hissed at them. The reality is they learned this violence from somewhere – better to show them love and a more peaceful option to bring things right. Again – feeling your pain though.

  4. PS – All you said was you wanted an hour alone with each of those “subhumans”…you never did say what you’d do with them. I’m assuming you are planning a friendly game of twister coupled with a short lesson in the ways of the peaceful warrior. xo

  5. Some people don’t learn to stop mistreating, because they are sadists. For such people the only cure is to stop them, physically, from hurting others, whether it is animals or other people that they are hurting. Sometimes the application of love is in the stopping of those that do intentional harm. Loving the sadist, I think, is not necessarily the answer, for while you are loving that person and trying to teach/model proper behavior, they are gleefully getting their kicks at another’s expense through that ‘learning curve’. And they do not rehabilitate anyway. You may be able to educate the ignorant, but callous treatment of living creatures is a symptom of lack of gratefulness, respect, and appreciation. Then there is the hurt inflicted upon creatures due to simple neglect, whether from ignorance or misapprehension of what it means to be a good steward. We are all charged with good stewardship, unfortunately humanity as a whole has not really been up to the learning curve on that one, either. Good stewardship is more than simply refraining from doing harm, it is the proactive application of nurturing and caring for what we have been given. Good stewardship and love also means quarantining and preventing those who would cruelly inflict harm to others, human or animal, by removing them from access to their potential victims. Period.

    • Well said Lena. I didn’t mean to imply that society should allow perpetrators to go unpunished, just that we need to break the cycle of violence. Teaching good stewardship is key.

      • There’s my general rant! Thank you for your response and I agree with you. How do you suggest as a community and society we teach good stewardship in regard to the animal kingdom and/or in general? I think that if we are brought up with those values and teach that brutalizing the vulnerable whether people or animals, or–is just not acceptable–that would be ideal. Perhaps this lack of good stewardship creates the problem and symptoms of callousness and mistreatment that we see around us. I do not know what the answer is short of a social revolution and awareness. This also brings another question to my mind. The truth is that good stewards teaching and living out their stewardship live cheek to jowl with people in the world who insist on violence rather than husbandry and nurturing (in the larger sense of how one lives) and are bent on destruction/control etc. Like a shepherd watches sheep and keeps the wolves at bay, I think we must also be prepared to deal with the ‘wolves’ that somehow crop up in society. These are larger issues, so on one hand I think we can teach love/stewardship but also be prepared to deal with the reality of that which insists on being destructive. Big questions. I would love to hear your thoughts!

  6. Awareness and education are key to any social change. I’m probably dating myself, but I remember how things were before the ecological revolution. No one cared about pollution. Then there was a public education campaign and it became important to be respectful of the environment. I think with all social problems, we need to make people aware of the damage being done and educate them (especially the children) to the responsibility we share for the earth and each other. Leading by serving, setting standards, being the example, and holding offenders accountable is all part of that. Thanks for the conversation.

    • I believe that one person who refuses to give up has a lot of power to ignite a lot of other people who also refuse to give up. We don’t have to be resigned to the state of things, and I think it is an obligation to influence and impress upon whatever time and generation we find ourselves in~a sense of caring and integrity and also to boldly resist in the face of destruction. I have enjoyed our conversation too. 🙂 Thank you also for connecting off Gabe’s post!

  7. It will truly take a miracle to see the abuse of humans and animals stop…but then you and I believe in miracles don’t we my sweetness? Big hug for wanting to kick ass, bigger hug because I know that what you really want is the insanity of humanity to stop. ❤❤❤

  8. samanthalaine310 on said:

    Feel your pain and feel your fury. Know both tunes in every key, major and minor. Media spots from national organizations soliciting donations are – umm – annoying. Best way to help animals with $ donations: Give to your local humane society, spca, or legit 501 c3 rescue group(s). Emphasis on local rescue group(s), which are foster based networks of people getting their hands and hearts and minds and souls covered in dirt every frigging day to help the four-leggeds. Let the philanthropists and the corporations who need write offs donate to the national animal welfare groups. Take your money to the streets. That’s where it’s needed.

  9. Those damn commercials are too much! I cannot turn the channel fast enough. I know it is a very worthy cause but I feel I am being manipulated. Thanks for writing about this and making me laugh because it isn’t really anything to laugh about. THAT is true talent my friend.

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