by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

A Letter To Miracles

Dear Miracles,

I think about you often. Especially lately.

And today I found you on my mind while I was on the way to catch a movie with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews.

My plan was to simply ask in this letter, “Do I need to believe in you in order to see you unfold?”

And then leave it at that. But you were listening, weren’t you…

Right in the middle of Men In Black III of all places, one of the supporting characters says, “A miracle is what seems impossible but happens anyway.”

If that wasn’t enough, the same character also says (this is almost word for word – I don’t remember it exactly), “All futures are possible. And you’ll never know which one coalesces.”

Thank you for answering my question, albeit indirectly.

Regardless if you require my faith or not, you have it. Fully. Without exception.

Thank you. For all involved, thank you,


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4 thoughts on “A Letter To Miracles

  1. God speaks. Sometimes it’s a whisper, sometimes it’s loud and clear.

  2. colleen fusetti on said:

    Thanks for the reminder that we are always answered, we just have to be listening……

  3. I call miracles “normals” now. They are every where especially when we learn to listen to our gut instinct/intuition. It never steers us wrong and when we actively listen to it everything falls into place. The best part is we actually manifest these normals when we act accordingly to who we really are.

  4. I’m fascinated with this topic of “miracles.” I’ve been experiencing them a lot recently and by close study, it does seem that the more we believe in them the more likely they will happen.

    In fact miracles happen every day, every moment. This may seem far-fetched to some people but I quite enjoy reveling in the idea that possibilities are indeed infinite and that my next miracle is just around the corner.

    Some might call me idealistic, but I’ve been on the opposite side of the spectrum: pessimistic, negative and horribly…bitchy (not for a lack of a better word, but because that IS the best word). So I’ve been on both sides and by pure experience alone I CHOOSE to be the latter.

    1) Because it works.
    2) Because it feels better.

    Live like a fruit fly, right?

    Happy holidays to you Gabe Berman, and thank you so much for sharing your loving energy. It is felt, and appreciated.

    Much love,

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