by Gabe Berman – the author of Live Like a Fruit Fly

A Letter FROM Michael Bearden

(yes, this is real – I couldn’t believe it either)

“Social media has spawned many ‘cyber philosophers’. Quotes from the masters of literature, poetry, political science, fine arts etc…fly around the world wide web like any number of fowl flying south for the winter. “Carpe Diem” or “Seize The Day,” from a Latin poem by Horace, is one of the most famous of these quotes. A really simple quote that seems to escape the daily lives of many people.

Gabe Berman’s book Live Your Life Like A Fruit Fly: The Secret You Already Know, Makes it almost impossible not to grasp the concept of living in the now! His book has the wisdom of many lifetimes. I’ve read several ‘inward looking’ books in my life but, Gabe’s book is one of the most compelling for me. The reason is in the books simplicity.

As the musical director for arguably the greatest entertainer in our lifetime, I had a ‘rare air’ view of the genius of simplicity. The ability to make concepts no matter how layered, simple or complex, feel obvious and easy is a gift not many possess. Anyone who reads this book should feel empowered, motivated and inspired to know the answers to your life’s problems lie in the simple concept of rejecting fear on the basis of living for this moment. Nothing on earth is promised so don’t waste a nano second of it on fear. This is the books concept and it will linger in your psyche and emotional connection long after you’ve read the last word.

I recommend this book for anyone who is serious about elevating to their rightful place in the world. Step into the glory you were born to share with all. If you’ve temporarily lost your way or are just starting on a new path, reading this book will give you the template on how to achieve what can often seem unachievable. Share this knowledge with those you care about and even those you don’t. Giving the gift of insight and highest potential will eventually uplift the whole of humanity.

Happy reading!”
Michael Bearden Board Of Trustees Recording Academy Los Angeles Chapter, Musical Director Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

“In Live Like a Fruit Fly, Gabe Berman shares his recipe for living a more joyful,worthwhile, and abundant life in every way. A witty, entertaining, and insightful read.” ~Deepak Chopra

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7 thoughts on “A Letter FROM Michael Bearden

  1. Awesome! But I’m not surprised, it’s just a matter of time and the entire world will feel the same way!

  2. Congratulations! I am so proud to call you my friend!

  3. Super Awesome Gabe! But I didn’t need him to tell me that, you did when I read your book, and then read it again. I’m sure all of the others who have read it already know this too. But alas … To have someone with a very loud voice shout your name is indeed a marvelous thing! So many hugs I send to you to celebrate this great recommendation.

  4. JilleYoko Marc on said:

    ~* So Very very true….& cool too…I must add that Many years later after realizibg I had become a full blown product and whitness to & of being touched by rays of light from the experience of being in live broadway theatre enjoying Diana Ross & Michael Jackson perform the WhiZ & Meeting Gabe by being myself & “talking to strangers” as usual not knowing at the time who Gabe was…a Prime Example of myself having long long ago in a galaxy of self cinciousness of fear of appearing weird had been overcome in a simple style of just saying ” Hi… How are you doing
    today”…& the rest is history …(& neverending question of ” where are the fruitflies gone…have the pesticides & spraying eliminated them completelely…( to be continued…nah not about organic farming here)…~* no fear here… of bugs of any kind…and then some…~* Keep Living the Dream & The Life Gabe…Youve Earned it~* XO J

  5. JilleYoko Marc on said:

    ~* As Usual… have been in the PRESENCE OF GREATNESS~*

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