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A Letter To Springsteen I’ll Never Send…

Dear Bruce,

When I was a kid on Long Island, I saw a frame around a license plate that said: Bruce Is The Only Boss I Listen To.

I was only in sixth grade but already knew all of the lyrics of the Born To Run album by heart. I wasn’t exactly sure what you were singing about but I knew you were singing directly to me and that’s all that mattered. So upon seeing that license plate frame that day, I swore you would be the only boss I’d ever listen to. And to prove it, I’ve quit or been fired from at least twenty jobs since graduating college.

I’ve been loyal, buying just about anything with your name on it, until a few albums ago. BRUCE, YOU’RE FROM JERSEY! Just crank your amp to eleven, press record and sing your balls off as if all of life depends on it! Enough already with the southern twang, the fiddles and the female backing vocals.

Once again, for the cheap seats at the back of the Garden and Meadowlands, enough already with the southern twang, the fiddles and the female backing vocals. Please.

And now here I sit listening to your latest – Wrecking Ball. My buddy Rick burnt me a copy. And I got to tell you man, it’s alright but I’m not floored the way I’d want to be. But maybe it’s me. Maybe I’ve been “corrupted” to the point of no return by Radiohead.

So my man, unfortunately you’re not the only boss I’ll listen to anymore and I’ll officially have to bid you…wait…

Just wait…

Song seven just started. It’s the title track:

I was raised out of steel here in the swamps of Jersey, some misty years ago. Through the mud and the beer, and the blood and the cheers, I’ve seen champions come and go. So if you got the guts mister, yeah, if you got the balls – If you think it’s your time, then step to the line, and bring on your wrecking ball.

The hair on my arms are standing up. Tears are literally clouding my eyes. Heart is swelling. I’m a kid again.

Forget about everything I said Bruce. You’re The Boss. Thanks for always being there for me while I was growing up.

And now I know what you’re always singing about: being free. Free just to be.

Born to run,


p.s. I’m so sorry about Danny and The Big Man. I know you loved them so I did as well.

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